Cool Medical Clinic
1020 Northside Drive  Suite D  Cool, CA  95614                               (530) 823-9963
Our Mission Statement:

Cool Medical Clinic is dedicated to providing a confidential, compassionate and convenient environment in which patients may obtain the health information and assistance they need in order to benefit from various modalities of alternative medicines, including medicinal marijuana.

    Who we are:  

We are a medical practice that provides professional, confidential and efficient evaluations by California-licensed physicians and physician assistants for the legal use of medical marijuana.  Eligible patients will receive a physician’s recommendation, which will allow them to use medical marijuana legally to treat their conditions.

    Who’s eligible?:  
There is a wide variety of conditions that qualify for legal use of medical marijuana in the state of California.  Check out our Appointments page  for more information.

    Why we’re the best at what we do:  
Cool Medical Clinic offers:
        very friendly and knowledgeable staff
        24-hour online verification system, so there’s never any waiting for verifications
        phone information and verification available during normal business hours
        informative and user-friendly website
        free educational packets
        free legal referrals for medical marijuana issues
        ongoing, free informational phone support for patients
        free phone pre-qualifications
        one-on-one educational cannabis consultations by appointment only